February 09, 2018

BELLUS Health in a Volatile Market

Watching the markets fluctuate over the last few days, I am very grateful that we completed a $20M financing in December that:

  • increased our cash runway to two+ years and through multiple important business milestones;
  • included a wide spectrum of investors which diversifies our shareholder base
  • involved significant participation from validating investors, including insiders and sophisticated healthcare funds
  • as an equity-only financing allowed us to maintain a clean capital structure

The raise not only provides financial stability, but also a strong shareholder base and capital structure to grow from. While it’s still to be seen whether markets will remain volatile and if the flow of risk capital - including biotech financing - will be affected, BELLUS is well-financed and prepared to handle a rocky market, if needed.

December Financing by the Numbers

December Financing by the Numbers

Published by Roberto Bellini on February 9, 2018

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